Guidance GPS & RTK

After spending a great deal of time research guidance and spray control system we are pleased to offer a very high specification system from a manufacturer with over 40 years experience of design and supply.


Farmnavigator G7


The Farmnavigator G7 is an affordable and easy to use entry in to guidance solutions to make field operations easier.

The G7 is the a fully upgradable base guidance unit. suitable for spraying, seeding and fertilising and in the one unit. set up and save each implement width and sections for easy use.

Field mapping and guidance path (straight parallel, Contour, Round and Round or existing tramlines)


Create a database of fields

Start creating your fields’ database: measure your field boundary, calculate the area and save the position of obstacles or soil samples.


Choose the guidelines for your activity and follow the guidance cursor to correct your driving.
Choose among:
  • A-B parallel lines
  • Identical curves
  • Adaptive contour or
  • Pivot guidelines

Save and recall guidelines for further activities in the field.

So EZY ! – Just make sure the guidance line is always visible through the circle on the top of the smart cursor. The cursor will help you understand the tractor turn radius, to quickly correct your steering.




Headland Management

When starting a job, you can create a headland within the field boundary, based on your working width.

  • The Headland Management function is very useful for irregular fields such as triangular fields. When active, it will automatically close the sections of the implement at the headland border, the headland can be worked at the end, avoiding unnecessary overlaps.
  • The headland function can be used with A-B parallel guidelines, identical curves and adaptive contour guidelines.









Section Control

Create a profile for each implement and activity e.g. seeding, fertilizing, or spraying: set the working width, or the number of boom sections and their individual width. Then choose a profile and get visual indications for manual boom switch control to start reducing costs.









Price from £1350, plus installation. (includes monitor, suction mount, GPS receiver and cabling)



AgGuide V4

AgGuide V4 is one of the most advance GPS guidance, machine control and record keeping systems available for todays modern farms. AgGuideV4 offers Guidnace, Autosteer (hydraulic or flexi steer), rate control  and auto section control all in one unit.


On-screen visual guidance, as well as steering wheel motor and full ISO-CANBUS and RTK cm accuracy hydraulic auto-steer are expertly implemented, allowing for broadacre, inter row sowing and controlled traffic row crop operations. CORS/NTRIP and Radio corrections are fully implemented for RTK accuracy. Racetrack, contour, parallel, and pivot guidance are all included



All mapping data is retained indefinitely allowing for full record keeping of all in-field, sowing, spreading, fertilizing, spraying and harvesting operations, as well as printing, area and product cost analysis. Easily copy data to your office computer to view, zoom in, and print all maps. Multiple map layers can be overlayed for comparison.


Farmscan Ag was amongst the first in the industry to provide automatic boom section control – reducing chemical usage and overlap or underlap. Rate control provides fingertip regulation of application rates.



Farmscan Ag’s highly-respected VRC solution into AgGuide allows rate control of up to 4 products including on-screen fingertip control. Speak with your local representative or one of our dedicated sales staff today about how your farming tasks can be made easier, more cost effective and productive.

Choose your accuracy

GPS/GNSS & RTK Systems

Smart-AntennaAgreikel strives to supply best technology to enable you to have the highest degree of accuracy and less downtime, resulting in higher productivity. Access to both GPS & Glonass satellites will significantly decrease the number of dropouts, therefore improving productivity and the reliability of systems. Powered by NovAtel Inc, our choice of DGPS receivers offers you the very best accuracy levels to suit your farming needs. From FREE to air, 4cm TerraStar-C, 40cm TerraStar-L & RTK +/- 2cm pass to pass, year to year, we have a repeatable option to suit your needs.