Why have boom control?

To make the most of modern design nozzles and chemicals they need to be sprayed from the correct height to achieve the optimum spray pattern and coverage. Weather you have contour or variable geometry we can install boom height to control to help you achieve a more consistent height and also reduce the need to drive looking backwards all the time, so reduce operator fatigue.


We are very pleased to say we are a dealer and installer of Greentronics RiteHeight control system, this is a stand alone system that can be retrofitted to any spray boom. This system can have a stand alone controller or can be integrated via ISObus to several control terminals already fitted to your machine.


  • Easy to install.  Only requires the installation of two sensors and simple electrical connections.  No hydraulic plumbing required.
  • Safeguards booms.  Minimizes the chance of booms hitting the ground.
  • Reduces operator fatigue.  Automates boom height adjustments.
  • Better spray quality.  Reduces spray drift and improves spray coverage.
  • Versatile.  Maintains consistent boom height above ground or crop canopy (selectable).
  • Adaptable.  Can be installed on almost any pull type or self-propelled sprayer.  Service menus are easily accessed on the controller to manually fine-tune calibration settings if needed.
  • Electric-over-hydraulic.  Works with standard electric-over-hydraulic controls, using open-centre or closed-centre hydraulics, and independent or shuttle type solenoid valves.
  • Easy to use.  Engage automatic mode with a single button push.
  • Simple manual over-ride.  Manual over-ride immediately disengages automatic operation.
  • Reliable.  Components are durable and require little maintenance.
  • Choose from Three Operating Modes for optimum performance and stable operation
    • Bare Ground
    • Partial Canopy
    • Full Canopy
  • Smart self-calibration
    Automatically adjusts to the sprayers’ hydraulic performance.

Riteheight system on a Rogator 1264

A very similar system can be set up for combine harvester header control.